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For now this page will discuss important things that need done on the wiki.

Meta pages

Important pages that need creation.


The wiki will have Wikipedia:WikiProjects, or maybe something closer to OpenStreetMap's Mapping Projects, for organizing effort to create and maintain specific areas of the wiki. The scopes of WikiProjects can be geographic regions, countries or states, or areas of the wiki like taxonomy consistency, template creation, or missing pages. Here are some example WikiProjects.

Species Pages

See Birding Wiki:WikiProject Taxonomy.

Location Pages

Include information relevant to birding in the area, such as where and when to look for certain birds. Also have subpages for location-specific information on different species, such as species habits at a given hotspot or winter rarities to look out for in an area. Information added by locals from knowledge, or cited from books and reference websites.

Region Pages:
Geographic and political region pages. Link to eBird regions where applicable. Note laws and local customs relevant to outside birders. Link to local bird/wildlife organizations and clubs. Subpages for species lists (grouped by status where applicable).

Hotspot Pages:
Site description with an amenity list, access/fee information, site map (LeafletJS with an optional GeoJSON site boundary), etc. OpenStreetMap will be checked/updated as each new hotspot page is added. Embed bar chart from eBird if possible. Nearby lodging and camping for travelling birders. Note that every eBird hotspot may not be worthy of its own page, ie. multiple hotspots within the same park or temporary rarity stakeouts.

Gear Pages

Include technical information, comparisons, and birding-focused reviews.

  • Binoculars and scopes
  • Cameras and lenses
  • Field recording equipment
  • Software and websites
  • Books; identification and regional field guides
  • Feeders and birdseed
  • Community Pages
  • Avian conservation
  • Pages for local and regional birding groups/clubs, including internal links to what areas/hotspots they manage.
  • Pages for birding and wildlife tour companies.

User Profiles

Users can detail what birding and professional experience they have, what areas and hotspots they are familiar with, and books and gear they have access to for providing reviews. User profile categories for birders in different areas. Badges for group/club memberships.


Feather identification and bird anatomy would be interesting topics to include; maybe they could have their own categories of pages.

Use links to save content from small birding sites that may go down.