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This WikiProject will manage the taxonomy pages, mainly the species pages. It will decide on page formatting and content guidelines, and design templates that need created.

Clements taxonomy will be used.

Species pages

Species pages will be titled in their common English name (this is the same as Wikipedia). Pages titled in the scientific Latin name(s) should be redirects to the main article.

Each species page will include a short description, and external links to eBird, Wikipedia, Audubon, AllAboutBirds, iNaturalist, etc. Eventually could include more in-depth information by combining content from these other sources, but effort at first should be on other areas. All these other resources already exist for bird identification. Information could eventually include detailed description and identification tips, subspecies information, and general field notes to help in finding specific species/taxa.


Need something very close to Wikipedia's Taxobox. Each species and non-species taxon page will need a sidebar containing the taxonomy tree and other general species info.